We provide the highest quality services in Europe and beyond

Ładunki w temperaturze kontrolowanej

Temperature controlled cargo

Temperature controlled cargo requires appropriate equipment. We carry it in refrigerators with a capacity of 33 euro pallets. Our drivers have specialist knowledge and the required certificates such as medical certificates. Our fleet is adequately equipped and has the necessary load to transport food, medicines, cosmetics and flowers. Carriers observe the principles of the HACCP system, which aims to ensure the safety of food products. In line with the ATP agreement, we have means of transport and refrigerators with isothermal insulation, which not only maintain the right temperature, even in the most difficult conditions, but also ensure the safe transport of sensitive goods, such as flowers and electronics.

Przewozy nienormatywne, ponadgabarytowe

Transport of non-standard and oversized cargo

During transport of oversized cargo, the MTD Sp. z o.o. company cooperates with professional pilot car companies. To meet the increasing market demands, and in order to satisfy our customers, we are constantly expanding the scope of our activities and improving the quality of our transport services. During transport, we limit the negative impact on the environment and observe the working time of drivers and traffic regulations. We transport cargo, such as: agricultural machinery, construction machinery, excavators, boats, steel structures, components of wind power plants, etc.

Przewóz ładunków niebezpiecznych ADR

Carriage of dangerous goods ADR

MTD Sp. z o.o. successfully provides dangerous goods transport services under the ADR agreement. Their carriage is allowed only by vehicles with specialist equipment and by drivers who passed the exam after completing special training. Our professionalism, care and acting in conformity with the national as well as international provisions is a guarantee of delivery of the goods at the designated place and on time.

Kabotaż na terenie Państw Członkowskich Unii Europejskiej

Cabotage within the EU Member States

As a company with experience in international transport, we know how to carry out orders on international markets, and in particular cabotage, which is covered by a large number of regulations and required documents. Our company ensures that every transport is on time. To achieve that, we are helped by our freight forwarders, who are well aware of the international regulations and always advise the best option as well as provide convenient transport conditions.

Ładunki ekspresowe

Express cargo

MTD Sp. z o.o. provides services in the scope of express transport in our country and throughout the European Union. Our fleet consists of delivery vans of different sizes, thanks to which, depending on your needs, we can offer a suitable vehicle and express delivery within 24 – 48 hours. Transport is realized through the most modern vans equipped with GPS satellite-tracking systems. With the help of these devices, you have control over the transported goods and the possibility to ensure that the order is carried out to the highest international standards. Our drivers have large experience and qualifications, owing to which your shipment will always arrive on time. Our qualified staff, who will keep you informed about your cargo, are at your disposal 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Przesyłki drobnicowe

Less-than-truckload and partial load

In our offer there is also general cargo transport within the country and the European Union from small packages to several pallets. We realize deliveries within a few days of receipt of goods. Grouping several consignments in one vehicle helps to reduce transport costs and shorten delivery time without the necessity of reloading in logistics terminals, thanks to which LTL transport implemented in our company results in big savings for your company.

Ładunki całopojazdowe

Full Truck Load transport

We offer you professional services in the scope of full truck load transport and forwarding (trucks from 20 to 120 m3) within Poland, the European Union and beyond. The high quality of our services results from many years of experience in the TSL industry as well as the reliability and professionalism of our employees. We are well aware of the diverse needs of customers, and therefore we are flexible and treat each customer individually.